Rheumatism plaster double sides perforating machine

Rheumatism plaster double sides perforating machine

Model No.︰DC308-2

Brand Name︰JIANZHI

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 36667 / set

Minimum Order︰1 set

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Product Description

Applicable to all types of plaster and double-sided tape composite into a roll

1) Production speed: 50 m / min;

2) Product acceptance criteria: deviation around complex controllable range ± 0.5 mm;

3) Electrical Power : 3KW,380V, 50HZ

4) Production process is two-sided composite tape + middle layer of plaster to spend a laminated film composite.

The main technical parameters and configuration instructions:

1) selection  servo motors system 0.75KW A2 series ;

2) selection of 8 inches color screen human-machine interface;

3) three-way automatic tension control with PID automatic adjustment;

4) Production speed stepless use AUTONICS encoder;

5) High quality automatic edge devices;

6) The whole of the cantilever wall rack, wall thickness 30MM, wallboard six-sided machining, there are 304 stainless steel plate on the furface in to meet the GMP clean’s demand;

7) Transmission gears are grinding teeth; accuracy of 4-5; increase in driving accuracy, reduction of noise.

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