PU Wound Dressing Cutting and Packing Machine DC313A-P

PU Wound Dressing Cutting and Packing Machine  DC313A-P

Model No.︰DC-313A-P

Brand Name︰Jianzhi

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 100000 / set

Minimum Order︰1 set

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Product Description

It is used in the production and packaging production of small and medium-sized medical dressings. With wrapping paper, the applicable substrate is non-woven fabric, PE film, PU, EVA.

Dressing adhesive tape specifications: 60 × 100; 80 × 100; 80 × 150; 90 × 100; 90 × 150;

Machine characteristics:

High-speed production of 800 pieces per minute

 Support different shapes of dressings for conventional bases of zinc oxide, hot melt adhesive and acrylic acid as colloid

Fully automatic roll cutting, conveying, packaging and inspection

Human touch screen menu: Menus can be recalled for 10 specifications of products.

Good finished product rate: 99%.  only for the quality of the machine itself.

Detailed description of the machine:

The professional servo motor control system enables each workstation to coordinate movements and accurately control the position of the product.

The material tension of each part is automatically controlled to achieve smooth operation.

Rolling and cutting tools are slash-cut, high speed and high efficiency.

Automatically decelerate and stop before the material is used up.

The waste edge is automatically absorbed and collected, and a special large-size waste side collection box is provided.

The wall-mounted frame is wrapped in 304 stainless steel to ensure product cleanliness.

Sealing temperature control: Delta temperature control system is adopted, temperature control accuracy is ±1 °C. The temperature of the heating plate is uniform.

Sealing and holding stroke: Sealing and holding pressure can be adjusted.

  Automatic reject function of defective products: in the high-speed state, the multi-joint multi-position black spot black joint is simultaneously automatically culled;

    Positioning deviation automatic feedback correction system to improve product production rate.

    Code function: reserve code interface, and function.

    Color mark alignment: The equipment has the function of color marking on the substrate and the outer wrapping paper; (single or simultaneous use);

 Alarm function:

      1. Temperature alarm: set temperature and actual temperature deviation alarm (offset value can be set)

       2. Material break alarm: equipment has broken material detection and alarm

      3. Reduce downtime: Automatically detect the diameter of the coil (detected by the diameter sensor) to automatically reduce the speed according to the diameter (optional not to slow down automatically).

     Reserve the number of finished products: It is convenient for the customer to configure the point machine in the future.

     Strict product  acceptance  criteria:

a. product molding size ± 1mm

b, absorption pad size deviation: ± 1.5mm

c, the absorption pad is located in the middle of the substrate: ± 1.5mm

d, cutting quality: the edge needs to be smooth, and the appearance is not worn or cut

e, no wrinkles in each layer of material after final molding

f, paper bag size deviation: ± 1mm.

g, no holes of any size, broken edges, cracks, dents or tears.

h, the paper bag sealing area has no cracks, wrinkles, pores, gaps or unsealed.

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