DC306BN First aid bandage making machine

DC306BN First aid bandage making  machine

Model No.︰DC306BN

Brand Name︰JIANZHI

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 27500 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description


DC-306NB new automatic making adhesive bandage machine is used to produce many special shape first aid adhesive bandages, such as the shapes of butterfly(38*76mm) ,H(50*45mm), ellipse, round(dimeter 25mm),  rectangle(40*60). It only needs one person to operate .Put the 4 kinds of materials on the machine set ,then ourput the finished packed bandages.  Clearly and savely energy (total energy less than 1KW) ,Stainless stell material in the contact part.. It can make two types of absorbent pad: full core or island core. It can produce with many kinds of adhesive substrates. The width of the sizes: 25-50mm for many kinds of the special shape adhesive plaster.

Raw materials are:

1-adhesive substrates: cotton fabric, elasticity fabric, nonwoven, non stretchable cloth, PVC, PE, PU, EVA, pre-print substrates;

2-absorbent pad: nonwoven;

3-release papers: single-face silicone paper, embossed film;

4-wrapping papers: cold sealable paper or heat sealable paper;

Produce speed: 120-200pcs/min

The inverter speed regulation system on this machine makes it much easier to shift speed.
2) For this DC-306 NB, during production the machine will automatically stop as soon as the material run out.
3) To reduce adhesive tape deformation, the release paper is designed to come out with the adhesive tape.
4) Clutch rewinding for waste rewinding after will help waste proceeding more smoothly on the paper tube of 80mm in width. Even the most breakable material can easily be processed for waste rewinding.
5) For this DC-306NB, it is not necessary to stop the machine while correctly adjusting the related positions of dressing pad, perforating and packing paper sealing/cutting.
6) The feeding direction of dressing pad changed to straight forward will never cause its distribution off to one side when placing it on the adhesive tape.
7) The selected teeth-type belt transmission used for this machine to reduce the noise produced form the driving

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