first aid bandage packing machine

first aid  bandage packing machine

Model No.︰DC-306NR

Brand Name︰JIANZHI

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 123600 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

  1. The highest  Production Speed in Asia area: 2000 pieces per minute, the position of the island cotton is stably.
  2. 1.  User-friendly HMI touch panel on this machine is easy to operate and adjust the speed stepless by knob.
  3. 2.  Seven servo motors on the machine are synchronized working.
  4. 3. Cutting roller is working for shaping and sealing on high speed to make various shapes products.
  5. 4.  Tensions of raw materials are controlled automatically and stop as meet running out of material is detected by sensor.
  6. 5. Every sizes is open free. No use CF card.
  7. 6.  At the same time, produce the color mark on packing paper and adhesive bandage.
  8. 7.  Waste sides after shaping are smoothly collected by pump to achieve better production process.
  9. 8.  Automatally eliminate the bad part in high speed, save the manpower to check.
  10. 9.  Full or island absorbent pad, and single pictures are in the middle of the packing paper and plaster respectively .
  11. 10.   Upright wallboard position to facilitate the changing the different sizes of products and also very easy to do regular maintenance.
  12. 11.  Save engery: total 6KW;


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